REJUVENATE [ri-joo-vuh-neyt]:

to make fresh or new again.


Does  your hardworking skin need a little love? Our bar soaps, hand & body lotions and lip treatments will provide the moisturizing boost you crave.  We've chosen a selective group of skincare artisans who share a common mission... be kind to your skin and the planet with all organic, natural ingredients.  


Beekman 1802 (which began with a herd of 100 goats), unlocked the science behind goat milk - a centuries-old remedy for sensitive skin.


These Beekman Gift Sets featuring Body Cream/Bar Soaps or Hand Lotion/Lip Balm combos are a great gift idea!

Not a bath person?  Luxe Shower Steamers will being a spa experience to your next shower - and make a perfect  stocking stuffer!

And for the guys...certified organic grooming products from Barrel & Oak that blend the earthy aroma of the outdoors with sophisticated notes of essential oils.