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 REJUVENATE [ri-joo-vuh-neyt]:

to make fresh or new again.


Does  your hardworking skin need a little love? Our bar soaps, hand & body lotions and lip treatments will provide the moisturizing boost you crave.  We've chosen a selective group of skincare artisans who share a common mission... be kind to your skin and the planet with all organic, natural ingredients.  

Beekman 1802 (which began with a herd of 100 goats), unlocked the science behind goat milk - a centuries-old remedy for sensitive skin.


Little Flower Handmade Soaps. Naturally scented with Tangerine, Grapefruit and Basil.  So soothing and mood enhancing, you'll think you've died and gone to soap heaven!


And for Valentine's Day, beautifully packaged Spa Gift Sets featuring skin and lip balms, hibiscus rose hand-made soaps and bath salts. Everything you need to ward off these winter temps!

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